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Playing the guitar is not a cheap hobby, and chances are if you are a musician who is striving to “make it” then your budget is mostly composed of life expenses… like food and rent. I always have really appreciated getting guitar gear as a gift whether it is Christmas, my birthday or if people are generous and it is just a surprise gift (I mean who doesn’t like surprise gifts?!)

However, if you do not play guitar and you are shopping for a guitarist or musician I could only imagine you may be asking yourself, “what the heck should I get?” I hope to answer that question for you with this article. I also really enjoyed writing this article since it is basically a list of what I would love to get as a gift!

Starting Small: Guitar Gifts Under $50

Like I mentioned above, guitar and music in general is not a cheap hobby. However, there are still gifts out there that guitarists use everyday that are under $50. Some of this stuff would be considered quintessential by every guitarist. I’ll get into what those are now:

Guitar Picks

Most people should know what a guitar pick is.. well at least I think so! But if you don’t not to worry. It is a piece of plastic (usually) that guitarists use to “pick” their guitar strings instead of using their fingers. Most styles of music use picks, however, some acoustic styles only use fingers or finger picks so make sure to know at least that before buying a bunch of picks!

The great thing about guitar picks is they are probably the cheapest option out there for you to get as a gift. You can find out more about guitar picks by going to our article on guitar picks!


A tuner is another quintessential piece of gear. It is a device that guitar players use to ensure their guitars are in “tune”. What it does is measure the pitch of the string so you know whether you are flat or sharp or right in tune!

There are many different types of tuners out there. Some are small compact electronic devices that are hand held, while other tuners are actually guitar pedals. To understand more about tuners, check out our article on the best guitar tuners!


Guitar strings are going to be the most frequently replaced piece of equipment for a guitar player. This is because they often break over short periods of time or the lose resonance and will need to be replaced. Strings would be a great gift as I often spend a decent amount monthly on getting good strings.

There are different “gauges” of strings, so ask your guitar playing buddy what kind of gauge they use as this can really impact if they will be used or not. Strings should typically be anywhere from $5 to $30 a pack. If I got 10 packs of strings for Christmas I would be one happy dude! Check out our guide to the best guitar strings to get a good start.

Guitar Gifts Between $50 - $150

Guitar Case

​As a guitar player I am absolutely crazy about keeping my guitar in the best shape possible. I have about three different cases for each guitar... that may be a bit overkill but I know I am not the only one. You see, there are two distinct types of guitar cases: a hard case and a soft case. Then there are cases that are made out of foam as well that are a bit lighter than traditional hard cases but offer more protection than a soft case. Here are a few cases that would be a solid gift idea: 

​Chromacast Hard Case

Faswin 41" Gig Bag (Soft Case)

Nice Strap

​Above I mentioned getting a cheaper strap if you are looking for something that is on the lighter budget side of things. However, straps can be a really nice addition to your kit since it is what keeps your guitar sturdy on your body while playing. Due to this I never cheap out on a strap and always go for good leather or quality fabric straps

Cheaper Pedals

​Pedals could be a solid gift idea too. We have a ton of articles on various types of guitar pedals but if you know your gift receiver well you should know if they have a bunch of pedals or not. If they don't you may want to check out the best reverb pedal options. If you are shopping for a beginner then you will want to pick up a cheaper Donner pedal or just something that is not going to break the bank account. 

Great Guitar Gifts for $150+

If you are looking to really spoil your musician peeps then you may want to look into getting one of the two big ticket items below. These are going to run you upwards of $150 but there is no price on making a musician happy right?!?! 


​This would probably one of the best gifts I could ever think of getting as I need a new amp currently. I would be looking to get a tube amp but you can also get solid state amps that are really solid. A great idea would be to get a practice amp for them. A practice amp is a smaller amp that takes less wattage and can be carried to and from band practice or wherever they go! 

However, if you are looking at getting an even bigger amp then I would suggest reading our article on the best guitar amps. ​


​Last but certainly not least would be to go full out and get them a new guitar! This would literally make me jump up and down in an embarrassing fit of pure guitar joy. Guitars are fairly expensive if you are getting a good one. I would suggest taking a look at a Fender Stratocastor, a Gibson Les Paul or really anything one of the great guitar players has used. I will have an article outlining how to pick a guitar soon! Stay tuned!!

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