Guitar Tone – How To Perfect Your Tone

This is going to be a fairly short article, but by no means should it be underestimated as this topic is one of the most important part of playing guitar in my opinion. Now, your tone will only be solid if you are actually able to play the guitar well and are capable of hearing minute differences in tone. So with that being said, keep practicing if you don't even know what tone is or don't know what I am talking about! 

Guitar tone is a complex beast. It takes skill and ability to be able to perfect your tone to how you want it to sound. Some guitar players spend their whole lives dedicated to finding the best tone for their style of playing. I may not be that intense but I have been searching for great tone ​for the last 5 years of my life. I went from knowing very little about guitars, guitar amps, guitar pedals and guitar accessories to diving deep down to try and figure out the foundation of great tone. 

Ive gone from using basic and cheap guitar pedals to buying some solid boutique high end pedals that nail a precise tone. However, it is important to not guitar tone should not only be developed through pedals and accessories. You need to start out by picking the best guitar and the best amp that will be right for your playing.

For example, it wouldn't make much sense for a heavy metal guitarist to pick out a guitar that is meant for jazz or blues. Instead they would want something potentially with active pickups and ​a lot of action so they can nail the solos and punch out the heavy parts. However, if you are a blues player you may want to opt in for a more subtler guitar that won't produce such heavy madness. 

In terms of guitar pedals though, you can read all of our reviews to find out what different pedals might sound like. A good place to start would be reverb pedals, fuzz pedals, overdrive pedals and a modulation pedal like a chorus or tremolo. ​


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