Marshall DSL 100 H All Tube Amp​ Review


The Marshall DSL 100 H is part of the ever popular DSL series, which has been appreciated by musicians all over the world. The DSL 100 H is one of the most affordable amps from Marshall in the series and brings exceptional power and tone capabilities so you can rock out… well you can rock out with your you know what out. Marshall has hit a balance between the best of their past and the future with the DSL 100H, and I will explain why.

Quick Glance

  • Part of the DSL series
  • 100 Watt Tone Power
  • Dual Channels & All The Trimmings

Truly Powerful

The Marshall 100H is truly a powerful beast when it comes to tone. Under the hands of an experienced guitar player, it can produce any sound from the classical era and the present time. There are four ECC-83’s in the preamp section. These preamps allow you to enjoy shaping the tone at your will. The 100 H will truly let you play and conquer any stage around the world, especially with four EL-34s in the engine room.

Marshall has not deviated far from the series’ heritage because the 100 H has the same tube placement and features as in the original DSL model. However, the company has taken the heritage and upgraded it to give you more precise control over every sound you make. With the resonance control, you are now in command of the low-end girth. That is not all as you also get a digital reverb (studio grade), a back-panel pentode and triode switch (drops the amp to 50 Watt) and a by-passable back panel FX-loop. You even get a dual way foot-switch for quickly changing the channel and putting the reverb on or off – classic and ultra-gain. The switch allows you to change the modes of each channel and choose between clean or crunch and lead-1 or lead-2.

With the DSL 100 H, you can produce cleans, snarls, high gains and everything else. Giving you the ultimate flexibility of shaping tone, Marshall has given a five way EQ – treble, middle, bass, resonance and presence. These come along with a tone-shift button, ensuring that there is nothing left in your armory to truly rock the show and become take the spotlight!


  • Dual Foot-Switchable Channels
  • Dual Modes For Each Channel
  • Digital Reverb, FX Loop, Level Control.
  • Five Way EQ.
  • Tone Shifting Button For Greater Flexibility.
  • 100 W to 50 W Power Shift


The manufacturing quality is strong and individuals have observed it to be exceptionally solid. The vast majority of the issues that past variants had, related with sturdiness, are improved so there are no issues to be found. The handles are strong, the wiring is great, the corner protection is made out of plastic, however it is still solid. It appears as though the DSL 100 H is built to last.


  • Great balance between overdriven tone and clean tones
  • Perfect Roar Created By Lead 1
  • Great Sound
  • Pedals Can Be Used Easily
  • Versatile Product


  • Lead 2 Sound Is Cushy
  • Classic Channel Is Less Dynamic


This is a great product that is going to send the Hendrix wanabees and classic rockers to heaven. The sound is warm and the actual feeling of using the amp is pretty good, however the tone shift would need improvement or preferably be replaced with a low mild boost. Either way, this is a product that does it all, especially considering the price tag that it comes with. Experiment and play on!


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