Welcome to The Lead Guitar!

My quest for great tone and versatility started a few years ago when I joined my first serious(ish) band. What I realised is that I needed the ability to create an awesome sounding tone while still keeping lightweight and versatile to play in live settings. Also, I am not at a place in my playing, or in my finances, to warrant huge investments in gear so I started looking at various guitar pedals to choose the right ones for me.

Through this process I have researched and experimented with a variety of pedals and have compiled reviews based on my findings. I am not claiming to be an electronics expert, master guitar virtuoso or anything of that manner, just a guy who wants to find the right tone for what I play and I am happy to share what I find!

To start, check out my reviews on the guitar headphones and TC Electronics and Boss loop pedals. Both are my personal favourites.