Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal Review

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

The Boss DD-7 is the latest addition to the successful range of Boss delay pedals. Among others, the line includes the popular DD-3, DD-5 and DD-6.

The Boss DD-7 Digital Delay is designed in a way that incorporates all of the best features of the delays that come before it and packs them into their signature stomp box enclosure. The engineers at Boss have really outdone themselves with this one, and here is why:

The Boss DD-7 Compared To The Delays Before It

The best way to find out what the latest model stands out is to compare it with the previous models. Boss took the reviews and suggestions of their audience into consideration, resulting in the specifications of the DD-7 being a combination of the DD-2’s classic warmth, the DD-3’s pedal look and the DD-5’s evolved functionality. Boss really did their homework this time and worked hard to replicate the DM-2’s sound via the Analog mode of the DD-7.

The DD-5 was the first Digital Delay by Boss that had a tap-tempo feature included, which was used by plugging in an external switch like the FS-5U. The DD-6 decided to go ahead with stereo inputs and exclude the external footswitch, much to the dismay of many loyal users. Boss was quick to take customer feedback into account. Once again the external footswitch jack is equipped on the DD-7, all the same keeping the stereo inputs maintained. So a lot of thought was put into creating the DD-7.


  • Approximately 6.4 seconds delay time
  • For sounds emulating chorus, a Modulation Delay mode is present
  • The ever popular Boss DM-2 is emulated through the Analog Delay mode
  • Tap Tempo feature through external footswitch
  • Feedback, Delay Time and Effect level is controlled via external Expression Pedal
  • Approximately 40 seconds of sounds is offered on sound recording through the Hold mode
  • Stereo Inputs and Outputs, with Wet/Dry routing and panning

Sound & Performance

Features aside, it is important to look at the sound quality the DD-7 delivers and how well it executes it. The controls are intuitive and simple, offering the standard Feedback, Effect level and Delay Time functions. Itis very fast and easy to dial in the required amount of both delay and feedback delay.

The sound itself is very clear and crisp, giving a fantastic reproduction with an added hi-fi warmth. The sound is very modern, and feels more alive and soulful. This is definitely one of the best delays that Boss has produced.

The Hold mode is great if you like messing around with basic loops, but there is no feature to save loops. If that is what you want, then you may want to look into getting a dedicated looper, like the RC-300. The DD-7 is still a good choice to give you some experience with looping.

The Modulate mode gives a chorus-like sound to the output. Its control is limited, so it isn’t possible to adjust the depth and rate of the effect. But again, the DD-7 is a good entry level item to help you determine whether or not you want a pedal dedicated to chorus effects or have a small area on the pedalboard to do so.

The Analog mode is the most remarkable feature of this pedal, give a warm and smooth sound output that will put your mind off buying a dedicated analog delay pedal. Certain sound purists argue that the feature is not a perfect emulation of the one provided on the Boss DM-2, but for now it is as good as it can get and is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise sharp digital delay sounds.

The Reverse mode changes any sound played through it by giving it a psychedelic twist to it and basically reversing the signal. This is great for amping up some parts of a song or adding an unexpected flavor to a guitar solo, anyone say Hendrix??

The Tap tempo can be used without an external footswitch by simply pressing the footswitch for 2 seconds, followed by tapping the tempo. But this is sort of wonky for live use so we recommend getting the FS-5U footswitch.

I think it is safe to say that the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay is the king of the delays in the Boss line up for now. It offers something for everyone; analog as well as modern delay sounds, unique and interesting effects, and a tap-tempo that is optional. All these functions will make a great addition to any pedalboard.

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